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Reforming StuPa: The Plan

The StuPa replacement must be worked out in a transparent process open for those interested. We want to reach this goal in the following way.

Step 1: Analysis

At the beginning

Step 2: Modelling

After that, in a small but open circle

Step 3: Public Discussion

After working out the first concepts follows the

Step 4: Iteration

Again in the small circle, the concepts will be

Step 5: Filter

Steps three and four will be repeated until one suitable model is left.

Step 6: Writing it Down

In the small circle, the new model must be

Step 7: Discussion and Iteration

The law will be presented publicly with the request for feedback, on which basis it is adapted.

Step 8: Voting

The final law is motioned in the StuPa to be voted on.
The StuPa reforms itself.

What you can do

Vote for UP.rising or BFF from 21st to 23rd June 2022. We need your vote to give it to a new StuPa.

And feel free to participate in the process later!

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