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From 21st to 23rd June: Vote for UP.rising or BFF. On Campus Golm, Griebnitzsee or Neues Palais!

Vote directly at your faculty’s “home” campus or cast a mail ballot at the other polling stations – find the polling stations

We’re also on Twitter.

Status Quo: Ash

Members are defaming each other. No quorum for four months. Legitimated by 5% of the students.

For years, morals brutalise in the student parliament (StuPa). A constructive collaboration for the good of the student body has long been ceased to be the primary objective. Meanwhile, the student parliament has not been quorate for more than four months, thus has not made any politics whatsoever. The reason: Members simply don’t hold their office, have taken the motivation off each other. The AStA must fill the gap provisionally.

And still, also in the coming semester, the parliament will decide on the fate of the student body and administer over 8 million Euros.

The StuPa in its current form is outdated. Burned to ash. Unnoticed by the students – as no one cares for it.

Our Goal: Rebirth of a Phoenix

The highest representation of the student body must be rethought entirely. The vast majority of students don’t know the StuPa’s role for their studies. This must change. The StuPa must be reborn. Resurrect as a Phoenix from the ashes.

We have no ready solution for this. One cannot have a ready solution for 22.000 students. But we have a plan.

Our Plan: Breeding collectively

The StuPa replacement must be worked out in a transparent process open for those interested. We want to collaborate with student representative groups in particular.

See plan details

Who we are

At the StuPa elections 2022, 6 students run for the electoral list “UP.rising”. They are:

Have a look at what stuff we write on Twitter: UP.rising on Twitter

Our Principles

The members of UP.rising follow no fix political ideology. We rather align our doing with a set of principles.


It can be argued on the thing. Different opinions are normal and must be argued out again and again for most of the time. But personal attacks are forbidden. That’s why we strive for a factual discussion, do not participate in the Stupa hostilities.


The ones with power must enable control. Only in this way can informed democratic decisions be made. That is why we advocate comprehensible AStA minutes and short understandable StuPa minutes. We also tweet regularly from StuPa meetings.

Data Protection

Transparency does not mean that you have to be transparent yourself. Everyone has a right to privacy. For us, data protection is not an excuse to block something. If you want to, solutions can always be found.


Times and circumstances change. Instead of resisting with force, the energy should rather be used to make the best of the situation – without losing sight of one’s own values.


We are tolerant – towards the people themselves and their worries and needs. It goes hand in hand with mutual consideration. We are not tolerant only towards the non-tolerant. Sounds contradictory? But actually it is not.

Protection of the Environment

Keeping the planet liveable sounds like a damn good thing to us.


A list consisting only of computer scientists? Of course we are also in favour of digitalisation. But with caution and only where it makes sense. And of course done properly.